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It’s morning now
and I miss you
I miss your lips on my knee
just resting there
holding me
in both of your arms

I miss your body writhing
because I tickled you
in the right place

I miss you pushing me back
telling me
‘stop thinking’
or ‘relax’
because you knew
I was having trouble doing both

I miss laughing over pizza
the second coming
of the messiah
and surprise pictures
where I look
actually terrifying

I miss walking home
in ‘California cold’
and holding onto your arm
for any bit of warmth
because I didn’t
bring a sweatshirt

I miss the spoonfuls
of vanilla and sprinkles
because they’re simple
we’re simple

but god this is so complicated

because I miss
the weight of your arm on my side the next morning
and being the big spoon
I miss getting too hot under the covers
and sticking a leg out
only to remember that
I don’t know when
that leg
will touch you again
sliding it back
and being too warm
and loving it

I miss your lips on my neck
I miss your nose in my eye
I miss your fingertips on my waist
I miss your voice in my ears
I miss your smile on my skin
I miss your heartbeat on my face
I miss your smell
I miss the little things

I miss February
And Thursday

I miss you


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